Towards the Universal Criminal Justice

31 August 2014


As one of the active participants in the Palermo system treaty making (from the early Polish draft in 1988 to the Signing Conference in December 2000), I am revisiting, rethinking and summing up the first 10-year period after the creation of these important international instruments on organized crime and corruption and take a closer look to the actual state of affairs in 2014.

The following lines are my brief assessment on the main institutions and instruments relevant to the universal criminal justice. A due reference is made to terrorism by elaborating on the phenomenon as well as on the universal and regional key institutions and instruments dealing with terrorism. The present text appeared in 1999 for the first time (in a considerably shorter form, as the working paper dealing only with the critical similarities and differences between ‘smuggling of’ and ‘trafficking in’) before the ICMPD Steering Board – Ministerial.